Ragdoll Kittens for Sale

The AngelGirl Ragdoll Family

Hi! We are AngelGirl's! We are a family in a beautiful Victorian farmhouse on just shy of three sections of land with around 4000 square foot of room in the primary house. We are bringing up our little girl's and our AngelGirl Ragdolls together all under a similar rooftop.

AngelGirl's Ragdoll Cattery is close to the Nation's Capitol; also called the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

AngelGirl Ragdolls live in our home and are really focused on by a large group of individuals who cherish and love them, including us, in addition to our cordial chihuahua, our developing kids, and our parakeet, "Conrad Birdie".

This is a work of adoration and a side interest for us! AngelGirl's Ragdolls are raised UNDERFOOT, and NOT confined. Many say it, few do it. Our Angels are Family.

Above is our uncommon blue-looked at irish merle chihuahua cherishing on one of our uncommon lilac cats! (We love everything blue-looked at, uncommon, and lovable!)

We are a CATTERY of Excellence and Distinction with TICA and CFA.

AngelGirl Ragdolls situated in USA, serving Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, the East Coast… and the worldwide local area!

We will head to meet you! Just as offering Hand Delivery abroad and in the America's.

Home of Quadruple Grand Champion, Pounce, Supreme International Champion, Prince Charming, and International Champion, Modigiani, just as a few other uncommon lilacs that put as Best Lilacs in TICA, and Internationally.

We produce delightful, well disposed, and sound Ragdoll cats as pets!

How Did AngelGirl's Get Started?

AngelGirl's started this astounding excursion in 2001, when recently single parent, Nancy Hamilton, was searching for a surprising ally for her mentally unbalanced one year old little girl, Victoria.

This new pet and relative would should be simple upkeep (as Nancy needed to work all day), warm (to haul Tory out and about), cushioned (as this would animate Tory's neurons), perky (to invigorate development in Tory), never forceful (as Tory could play improperly now and again), hypo-allergenic and spotless (as Tory experienced asthma and sensitivities and utilized an inhaler), and have the option to cheerfully experience it's life inside.

This was not a simple undertaking, and keeping in mind that exploring each pet comprehensible, Nancy unearthed a generally new variety (began in California in the 1960's) of feline known as the RAGDOLL. It was known for it's huge size, cherishing and loving personality, long non-tangling coats, tranquil airs, striking appearance, blue eyes, and the propensity to unwind in an individual's arms like a ragdoll (thus the name).

Before long Nancy had bought the most stunning animal for her unique girl, nicknamed 'AngelGirl'. This Ragdoll began everything!

We presently offer Ragdolls not just in the conventional shades of seal and blue, however on the whole tones, including the uncommon lilac and chocolate, the entrancing White, rich mink and sepia, brilliant red and cream, lynx designs, torties and torbies altogether tones.

We have grown a significant after for offering solid ragdolls with incredible characters and show quality great looks. Our Ragdolls have won global titles and titles everywhere on the world. We have been conceded the Cattery of Excellence grant from the two biggest cattery affiliations, TICA and CFA quite a long while running.

The entirety of our Ragdolls come from Champion-reproduced lines and we have gone through a lot of cash getting the best of cats with the best characters and tones and examples to raise simply the best. The entirety of our reproducing cats are gotten through hereditary qualities testing for HCM, PKD, blood composing, shading and phenotyping. Our brilliant vet tests that each Angel is FIV and FeLV free.

We have placed a lot of data into attempting to give as much Ragdoll information as anybody may need on our distinctive pages. We give references and what you should have available for another kitty. We give the Ragdoll history and offer guidance on inviting another pet into your home. There are subtleties on the tones and the three examples on our "Every one of the Patterns" and "Every one of the Colors" pages, which incorporates pictures and outlines…

Kindly look at a portion of our pages. You will be astonished at what you realize!

It is troublesome with the quantity of messages and demands we become acquainted with who is 'dreaming' about a holy messenger and who is not kidding about possessing one. We concentrate on those families who have set a store, as we probably are aware they will before long have one of our darlings.

Much obliged to you for considering us!

~ The regal feline workers ~

Spear, Nancy, and youngster's

We initially started as a cattery devoted to chipping away at bringing back the 'everything except lost' latent and weaken colors in the Ragdoll Breed, in view of good practices and hereditary qualities consistently. Our reproducing objective was to give Ragdolls in lilac and chocolate, which were in the lines from the start, yet not developed. When reproducing, we remember the best of lines. We try to utilize all SBT enlisted Ragdolls. (Cats that have not been outcrossed with other feline varieties, in any event, as far as we might be concerned, not in the last five ages). We have broadly investigated catlike and mendelian hereditary qualities, however consistently place wellbeing, demeanor, and generally class of the Ragdoll breed at the cutting edge.

After some time our vision was for the most part acknowledged, and we started to grow our vision to remember offering Ragdolls for a rainbow of different tones.

In the event that you are in Virginia, DC, Maryland, or inside driving distance, AngelGirl's can mastermind to either bring your most current infant directly to you, meet you some place in the middle, have you come right to our home, or we considerably offer delivery, which you can peruse more about on our "Getting An Angel" page.